Bottle 2 Pen


Since 2006, Pilot has been producing a range of pens made from at least 70% recycled plastic called Begreen. The flagship product within the Pilot BeGreen range is the B2P (Bottle 2 Pen) which is manufactured from recycled PET plastic bottles. Since the launch of B2P, over 7 million plastic bottles have been recycled to make B2P pens*.  That is a lot of plastic which may otherwise have ended up in landfill or the oceans of Europe.

We manufacture B2P using recycled plastic bottles to reduce CO2 impact by 36,6%. Five B2P pens can be made from recycling just one 1500ml water bottle.B2P 4 bollarAll B2P pens are refillable and using a refill when the ink runs out, rather than a new pen will extend the life and further reduce the amount of plastic which you use in your daily life from going to landfill. From the manufacturing through to the end of the product life, it is estimated that refilling a B2P pen 3 times reduces the total environmental impact of the pen by 51% compared to buying an additional 3 new pens.

Ask for the B2P in your local store that sells stationery

*based on European sales data