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Write, Delete, Repeat as many times as you like with the FriXion pens! Thermo sensitive ink technology by Pilot offers you a smooth writing experience and most importantly, the possibility to erase any mistakes thanks to its integrated FriXion eraser. The FriXion family consists of ballpoint pens, highlighters, colouring pens and fineliners. FriXion Ball, FriXon Clicker and FriXion Point are refillable.

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FriXion Point Clicker

A new member of the FriXion Family! Its elegant and slim design will charm those who prefer slender and modern writing instruments. Its high-tech synergy tip of 0,5 mm lets you write with incredible precision. The large ink capacity inside the tip allows a neat stroke from the very beginning. This Clicker version of the erasable and refillable FriXion Point pen has everything to become your next favourite writing instrument.

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