V-Board Master

V-Board Master


A technical innovation, the V-BOARD MASTER is a refillable, liquid ink whiteboard marker pen.
The new ink irrigation system allows for instant writing without shaking or pumping as well as a constant ink flow, gone is the marker which writes less and less the more it is used!
You will be delighted with the intensity and luminosity of the colours of the V-BOARD MASTER.

This marker is part of the Begreen range, manufactured from recycled plastic.
By producing a Begreen V-Board Master marker pen with recycled plastic, Pilot is reducing the carbon footprint of the pen compared to the same pen produced without recycled plastic. By refilling the marker at least 3 times, you would be offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions too.
From manufacturing to the end of the products life, it is estimated that buying this Begreen pen and refilling it 3 times reduces the total environmental impact of the pen by -75%** compared to buying an additional 3 new pens.

V-board master comes in 2 different sizes; medium and ultra fine.
Choose between chisel tip and bullet tip as well as 6 vibrant colors.

1 Recycled material mainly from plastic bottles (excluding replaceable parts)
2 Rigid plastic material recovered from the ocean, beaches, rivers, lakes, riverbanks, and waterways.
3 CO2 savings cumulated (recycled plastic + refilled 3 times)